How’s the role of designer, design and audiences have changed?

Starting from this week, every sunday I will be discussed on particular topic which called “the Sunday Journal”! So, what topic should we start with?

“The best of the best” is how people describes the Internet. As more and more social media platforms existed and more expedited mode of media, the power of media and audiences have shifted. Media is no longer the only producers, everyone with camera and phone can also be journalists/producers. And so as the introduction of computers, communication networks, powerful sensors and display, even our most common everyday devices became more complex, a new form of deign was needed to cope with these issues.

Why would people think the Internet is the best invention in the world? It is simply because the users have the control of the media. They are deciding what the point of their engagement will be – what application, what device, what time and what place. That is also the reason why professional journalists are no longer the gatekeeper for news, but reporting what the audience want to read and listen. Therefore,  News are much more sensational and funny to attract audience’s eyeballs. What is more, due to the increase in use of social media, everyone can be both producers and audiences by posting feeds on social media platforms.

Design can no longer be just a craft used to create useful and beautiful items due to the innovation of technology. Human-centered design is perhaps the trend in the future, which puts people first in solving the major problems of society. Therefore, designer are required to do design with evidence, using careful observation and analyses to determine needs and experimental deployment of potential solutions in an iterative cycle of observation, ideation, prototyping, and testing (refers to 5C model), empathying what the users really need and want. Design are not just to create useful and beautiful thing but to enhance the quality of life of the people who will use it.

So, did the role of designer changed?

5C Model

The world will always need the traditional skills and crafts, however, designer must transform themselves to be a leader for future designers, exploring and learning more of technology, social sciences, and he complexities of the world, of economic, political and environmental issues.

Fashion is an example that design as craft. (photo via Pinterest)
Functional shoe is an example of design thinking. (photo via Pinterest)

Newspapers, magazines and television were important forms of communication in the past but with the rise of technology in our life, everything must change. Even though the people formally known as the audience are not having the entire power now, the truth is that some power such as influence, monopoly position, the right to dictate terms, dynastic continuity, priestly authority, guild conditions for limiting competition have been lost. When people can be both audiences and producers at the same time, so, why not bath craft and design-thinking for designer?

This is the future of design. (photo via Pinterest)

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