On your wanders around the museum in London, have you ever notice the underwear exhibition? This week sunday journla is about my visit to the undressed exbition held in V & A.

(Photo via Google)

The exhibition separated into 2 levels, on the ground floor, it is about the history and introduction of different type of underwear, such as sport wear and pajamas. And for the first floor, it shows the modern underwear by luxury brand, and how the designer design underwear.

In the 18th century, underwear is just for hygienic and cover the body. When it came to the 20th, women worn it to support breasts while the men worn waist belts during sport and exercise to support their back. Today, beside those physical reasons, underwear is increasingly led by fashion, Victoria secret and Calvin Klein are the good examples.

Different kind of corsets shown in the exhibtion (photo via Google)

My favorite part is the corset area. People used to wear corset which is a skin tight tailored clothe to control and shape their figures, as it was popular to have small waist and full bosom and hops in the 80s. Some kind of corsets like tight lacing and S-bend corset actually harmful to women’s body, leading to lower back pain and walking problem.

Foot binding women in China (photo via Google)

The corsets reminded me of the foot binding women in China, the purpose were actually the same but focused on different part of body, which corset changed the shape of whist and foot binding changed the shape of feet. Women can also withstand all the pain and give up everything just to become prefect.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take photo in the exhibition, however, the exhibits inside are really interesting and surprising, I mean, it is worth to visit.