When we talked about sketchnotes, most of you may think that if you are not good at drawing, can you make that happen?

Sketchnotes are the expression of thinking of a designer, when designer is making sketchnotes, he or she might needs to think about how to make the ideas better communicate. Most of the designer may not good at hand drawing, but practice always makes perfect, what is more, sketchnotes are not just about drawing, but the way you express your thought, even thought it is rough, as long as it is clear, it is far from enough.

Here is the sample of sketch notes I made after reading the article of “the messy art of ux sketching” by Smashing Magazine(2011).

  1. For a beginner, it might be good to make drafts of sketchnotes with light grey marker and go back with darker marker.
  2. Using an empty table to do sketchnotes would be able for you to draw longer lines, as your arm will not be bloacked by any stuff on the table.
  3. We can always rotate the sketch book to fit ourselves.
  4. Adding more interactive stuff in sketchbook like memo can make your sketchnotes more interesting.
  5. If you are not good at drawing, you can always redraw the image from a print copy.
  6. Sometimes tools can be helped to draw more detailly.
  7. It is always good to draw as big as you can to show how it works, and give more information like when, who and where.
  8. Last but not least, it is good to ditch the sketchbook and stick it on the wall to share, as the purpose of sketchbooks is to ommunciate with visual.

So, there is 8 points to learn about sketching. If I can do it, I am sure that you can do it too!

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