A good interactive design allows people to involve and engage, providing an interesting way for people to learn.

Amsterdam is a city filled with knowledges, among all museum, I found that the interactive design done by Micropia museum is the most imspired.

Micropia is a museum introduced information of microbes, associated with bacteria, illness and disease. In order to establish establish relationship between science and human, micropia have done a lot of interactive design to engage people into the microbes world.

To start with the journey, all of the audiences will get into an elevator with a big screen at the ceiling, introducing the basic information of the journey, somehow similar to what disney and universal studio did.

The museum also distributed a stamp card to audience, allowing them to find out all in total 38 different stamps of micropias within the journey, this encourage people to walk through all the exhibits.

There are lots of microscopes in the museum, allowing audience actually look at the form of micropias, apart from this, there are a screen showing more information of the micropia next to each particular exhibit.

Among all, my favorite part of the museum is the body scan exhibit. This innovative design was introduced by Haig Balian, the dictector of Artis.

Through this exhibit, audience can learn different bacteria which appear on different part of body by scanning their body in front of the screen. Then, they can choose which part to explore, such as eyes, nose, stomach, and so on. The screen will show audience information like number of bacteria they got, and the way they access the bacteria. Audience can also view the form of the bacteria through this exhibit.

Reason why I think this is an inspiring interactive design is that, this design has provide a new way for people to learn about bacteria, it was like scanning how many types of bacteria you got on your body, and you can explore how you may access to different kind of bacteria and how they harm your body, engaging people into the bacteria world.

Not everyone would be interested in science stuffs, but all the interactive ideas in the Micoropia museum, from the stamp card to the musePad also provided a new way for people from all walks of life engage in the micropia world, and learn in an interesting way, to make it really learn and entertain at the same time.