User Interface Design(UI design) is the design of users interface for website, application or software, the goals of UI design is to allow user interact in the most simple and efficient way. So, what makes a good UI design? Belows are some criteria of a good UI design.

  1. Empathy your user
    From the very begining until now, in the whole process of design thinking, empathy user’s needs and goal have always been vital for designer.
  2. Less is more
    The layout should be clear and simple, beware of adding in any unnescessary elements confusing the users.
  3. Use common UI elements
    Button, Icon, Link, Haptic, Scroll, Textbox, Menu and Tool bar are the elements to use in a User interface Design. These are not the only elements can be used, but designers should always stick to thing similar to these, as users usually feel more comfortable, once they learn, they can do it quickly.
  4. Pay attantion to page layout
    The placement of buttons in a page should be careful. Important buttons are usually placed at the buttom and mostly at the corner of the screen, which is easier to access by big thumb.
  5. Carefully use colour and texture
    Colour using is always a lesson in a curricuclum, contrast should always be larger, so that it’s easy to read.
  6. Create clarity with typography
    Size, alignment, fonts of the text can help increaseing scanability, legibility and readability.
  7. User controls
    The design should let the users feel like they are the one who control the apps, inform them of actions and making any changes.


I personally think Snapchat actually did quite well on user interface design. Snapchat is designer by Evan Spiegel, it’s his final project at Stanford University.

User can choose how many second others can see the image at left bottom corner, also download the image. User can edit the image such as adding filters, text at top right corner, and send the image out by clicking the arrow at right bottom.


Then, User can choose to upload the image to story which last for 24 hours, and will be deleted automatically or simply send to particular friends directly.

I haven’t been used snapchat before coming to UK, as I usually use facebook and instagram to share my life with friends but once I accessed to it, I just can’t stop myself from using it.

Snapchat used different symbols and change in colours to represent different signal, like red text bubble represents image snap, purple text bubble represents video snap and blue text bubble represents text snap; Red arrow represents a sent snap. As the target audience of snapchat obviously is teenagers under 25, therefore, this might sounds a little bit confusing for adults, so as the lack of control page.

Talking about control page, this is the reason why I said snapchat has a simple interface design. Snapchat appoximately just have 7 different interfaces, and we can get access to all of the page just by sliding our big thumb to different direction, such as sliding to the left for individual chat, and others’ stories to the right.

The home page of the apps is the camera, therefore, we can directly take a picture or video once we open the apps. What is more, it is user control that, we can choose how many seconds others can look like ours snap, and Snapchat will always notify us when someone took a screencap of our photos.

The interface design of Snapchat might looks unfamiliar when you first use, cause I think Snapchat didn’t focus on the common UI design, however, Instagram is actually copying what Snapchat did, so I guess, people only copy when the thing is working and appericated.

The design of Snapchat may looks ugly in yellow, but all the teenagers need are sharing life with friends in the fastest and most direct way whereever and whenever we want, thus Snapchat filters are always fun.

Another application I have made trail after arriving UK is Flickr, however, I think it is difficult to use comparing to Pinterest, Instagram and other similar applications.

For the home page of Pinterest and Instagram, you can always see others’ Pins or photos easily, for Flickr, you always go to your own page once you opened the Apps. What is more,  on the tool bar, you can fine Camera roll, Public and Albums, to me, I actually can’t figure out what’s the different between those interface, as the content inside are mostly the same.

What is more, there is an exploring page under searching page, unlike Instagram, you can only see 2-3 images unless you slide down.


I personally don’t like the interface design of Flickr, doesn’t mean it is bad, it is simply because the target users of Flickr might be company or professional photographer but not teenagers who just want to share their personal life.

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