Talkig about Digital Cities, the first thing come up in my mind is Google map.  I can’t deny that digital aren’t ready to replace paper or physical products, but I wonder, how many of us, are still using a paper map? The truth is that digital has made our life much easier.

Digital cities refer to a locally focused online network which deliver real- time content such as community events, nightlife, entertainment, visitor’s guide and information based on your actual location, making the information more relevant and useful.

Pokemon go whomed up my interest on Digital cities, I am impressed by how the game bring us back to real life, changing the way we experience the city. I persumed the design challenges of Pokemon go might as simple as “How might we encourage people to walk more” or “How might we bring young people back to reality”.

(Google, 2016)

Lots of cities in the world such as Amsterdam, Barcelona and stockholm are trying to turn themselves into smart cities. Take Barcelona as an example, they have application called Bicing app, available for users to check out real-time availability at station of the bike. They also have sensors detecting if a parking spot or loading area is occupied.

Bicing App (Google, 2016)

I am curious how digital can improve the life of people, the question is, what about tourist? In this project, I am going to foucs on tourist who is unfamiliar with the cities, and how digital can provide them a cozy journey and help them to soak into the atmosphere.