Communication in the digital age: is it really different?

In 2020, olypmics is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan. Have you all watched the promotional video of 2020 olympic game?

The promotional video is produced by Dentsu, a japanese international advertising and public relations company. And it’s creative director was invited to D & AD festival in London this year for a talk on communication in digital age: is it really different.

In his speech, he shown 3 examples. Among all, I was impressed by the advertisement called “Pasta Not Approved by Italian”. Whenever we tried to sell a product, the first thing is to find out the product feature. For example, we all know that Udon are origin in Japan, so when we sell japan, we would highlight if it is origin from japan or approved by japnese. But this time, they did it in a different way for NISSSIN CUP NOODLES, they tried to slap their own face, they found real-italians to try the cup noodles, and turned out using “pasta not approved by Italian” as selling point.

After the advertising released, lots of people, including youtubers and KOL tried to purchase the cup noodles and record their process of trial. According to digital marketing communciation, the advert is the hero content, and the buzz they gained afterward on social media platforms are the earned contents.

Noriaki said, in digital age, “It is all about jouralistic, participation of people and being honest.”

Another example he shown is “Green Name”. Green Label is a beer barnd that aims to encouage everyone to feel more with green object. In their research, they found that over 90% of Japanese names include the elements of green, such as mountain, grass and field., all the symbols of nature. They created a service that turning people’s name into animation with those “green” symbols, with the participation of people, they would love to share it on twitter, facebook, pinterest or other social media platform, and later, the world will know that, Japan is a green city. They also allows customers to personalize their green name on beer can, which is similar to personalize name on Coke.

(D&AD, 2016)
(D&AD, 2016)

Among all these examples, it shown evidences of what Noriaki has said, communication in digital age is all about media coverage, words of mouths and allowing people to participate. The simple truth is that, multi-ways communcation is more effective then one-way communication in digtial world.

Refer to the sunday journey :week one, the role of design, designer and audiences has changed that everyone can create their content. And this is the digital age.

Green Label